Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Blogging Schedule

As much as I'm enjoying the fruit of my recent effort to spend less time online, I am missing the feeling of satisfaction I used to have when I was regularly blogging - I'm a bit of a glutton when it comes to soaking up information and when I'm not wringing my brain out it tends to get a little waterlogged. As James Shelley so eloquently tweeted the other day: "Items that are left on the 'back burner' of the brain usually boil over and cause a mess."

All this to say, I'm aiming to give this blog a little more love in the next while. On a post-by-post basis I'm not necessarily looking to write "more," so much as I'd like to write "more often." I need to clear my head, and this blog has served as good a place as any over the last few years.

To help me keep things more disciplined I'm going to experiment with formulaically covering certain topics on certain days*; the idea being that there's no better freedom found then setting very clear boundaries within which to roam...

With that, here's to a bit of a re-birth of the blog. Stay tuned for:

Music/Media Monday
Monday's can be a drag, unless you've got some new music to check out. To that end, I'm hoping to devote Mondays to what I'm listening to, album reviews, links to great songs etc

Theoretical Tuesday
I've been known to dabble in more than a few disciplines (design, newUrbanism, local food, social media etc) and Tuesdays seem like a great day for spending some time getting behind some of the theory. Expect a little DIY ethic and lots of salutes to those who do it for love...

Hump-day Diversions
Expect random linkage of the finest variety for your Wednesdays.

Theology Thursday
I'll try and keep it fresh and local and practical when it comes to Thursday's musings on (loving) all things God, neighbour and enemy.

Tweets of the Week
While I find Twitter's a great real-time resource and an excellent tool for making local face-time happen, there are a number of thoughts, links, resources, quips and rants that pop up over the course of a week worthy of passing along. Friday's will find me highlighting those which stood out the most...

*please note: These topics are only serving as a guide. Some days may see multiple posts on any number of topics, while other days may see no posts at all.

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