Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now's the Time for High Speed Rail in SW Ont...

"To be certain, the idea of a bullet train through Canada's most populous region -- the Windsor to Quebec City corridor -- has been kicked around for decades. And many of the same arguments once mounted against the 401 have been used to stall serious consideration of the idea: that it would duplicate existing services, that construction of a dedicated railbed would eat up a formidable swath of real estate, and that the costs of such an undertaking, sure to run into the billions, could spiral out of control.

Yet Canadians' increasing environmental sensitivities and their expectations of mobility within population corridors that will become increasingly dense, means the time to seriously consider high-speed rail -- and thereby catch up to other G8 countries -- is now. Windsor-Quebec is only one such route; Calgary-Edmonton is another."

From this great editorial by Larry Cornies for the LFP

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