Friday, June 19, 2009

Preservin' Thangs

If you've never had a "preserving party" it's definitely something worth throwing/attending.

With the move and getting settled last fall we didn't really have the time or set-up to preserve anything at all last year. But if the harvest and our schedules line up again this fall it'll be nice to try and re-stock our shelves with a little mason-jar love.

Apparently we're not the only one's enjoying the art of preserving these days as the NY Times reports, among other things, recent increase of 50% in the sale of preserving materials:

"Preserving food cannot be considered new and trendy, no matter how vigorously it’s rubbed with organic rosemary sprigs. But the recent revival of attention to it fits neatly into the modern renaissance of handcrafted food, heirloom agriculture, and using food in its season. Like baking bread or making a slow-cooked tomato sauce, preserving offers primal satisfactions and practical results. And in today’s swirl of food issues (local, seasonal, organic, industrial), home preserving can also be viewed as a quasi-political act. “Preserving is an extension of the values that made you shop in the farmers’ market in the first place" Read more


While we're on the topic I wanted to highlight some great design I've come across lately. Both manage to capture the recent interest in canning without losing the purity and tradition of the art. I'm not sure if the Smuckers' concept has made it to production yet, but I sure hope it does!

Wheelhouse Pickles by Michael Fusco Design
c/o The Dieline

Smuckers (concept) by Michael Dibblee
c/o The Canadian Design Resource

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