Friday, July 24, 2009

Foodie Friday Linkage
Tons of links to farms and local produce - and best of all, it's searchable by region and chock full of resources.

Seasons App
This iPhone app doesn't yet work within Canada, but if you're in the UK or the US and looking to keep updated as to what local produce is freshest at what time of year - this is the app for you. (Beautifully designed by PIRATA)

Afraid your backyard garden's harvest is going to spoil before you eat it all up?VeggieTrader will help you set up a swap.

Eat Local London features On the Move Organics
We've often put an order in with On the Move and have always appreciated the food and the friendliness that Eat Local mentions...

Food, Inc. to hit London's Hyland Cinema October 9th

Bonus points if anyone can find a way to get the Hyland to pop local kernels covered for the duration of the show's run :)

Green bins on hold?
The LFP has a great little op-ed on the amount of time it's taking the city to adopt a green-bin program for compostable household "waste."

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wilsonian said...

Wow, it's shocking to me that we've had organic waste bins ahead of London. My experience with them has been so fantastic. I live in an apartment, and can't have a composter of my own, so this has been a great next best solution.

Between the organics bin and recycle bins, I put out a bag of garbage once every 12-15 weeks. Needless to say, it's made a big difference.