Tuesday, July 14, 2009

James Shelley on Slow Reading...

"In a world enamored with the cult of speed, there are movements that seek to rediscover and recapture the humanity of various activities: slow food, slow transportation, and may I suggest slow reading. Slow reading is a commitment to deep comprehension, articulation and introspective application of the text. It is a way of reading that is not at all concerned with consuming large amounts of content, but rather relishes the opportunity to ruminate upon the richness of a verse or paragraph."

"Contrary to what the Internet intrinsically teaches you: “success” in reading is not the speed at which you finish the text, but rather the degree to which you allow the possible ramifications of the text to rumminate deeply in your mind and soul."

Of course, the whole post is worth a slow and concentrated intentional read...


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