Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bike in Traffic (Please)

Moving from Victoria to London almost two years ago I was instantly amazed at how much of a hate-on many of the city's drivers had for cyclists around here. Then I quickly noticed that a ton of London's cyclists behaved more like pedestrians-on-wheels than a true "cyclist."

Honestly, it's not a pretty relationship we've got going on here and over this past summer I watched as people-on-bikes blazed through stop-signs, cruised down the sidewalk and generally rode with their blinders on.

Similarly I watched many drives make a right-turn without checking for a cyclist to their right beforehand.

Needless to say, it was great to read this post from Karolijn about the ineffectiveness (from a safety perspective) on riding on sidewalks, and this follow-up from James Shelley on some steps the city could take to make the roads safer for all vehicles (be they gas, or pedal powered).

It would be great if some headway could be made on these issues over the winter in order for a renewed effort to encourage more cycling this spring?

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