Friday, November 27, 2009

Urban Farming etc

Why Urban Farming is the Future
"We know a population of billions will still need large rural farms. And we hope we can always share the benefits of fair trading on a small planet, because no amount of eco-guilt will ever convince some (me) that drinking tea in Canada is a terrible thing.

But we are heading into an era where many more people will have to reconnect significantly with their food in all its stages: growing, distributing, preparing, eating, recycling. Starting with growing."


Urban Farming's Past
A brief history of the city farming movement in British Columbia


Rise in Church-sponsored/partnered Gardens
"[Churches] are growing food to donate to the hungry, organizing farmer's markets for neighborhoods that lack easy access to fresh food and getting involved in community-supported agriculture."


A shorter trip from field to fork
An excellent introduction to the growing local food movement with lots of examples specific to the London area.


Bonus: Lily's Table
The idea is to spread seasonal recipes - in season - via subscription-based email lists.
I'm sure there are other sites/services like this out there, but Lily's is the first I've seen.

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ron cole said...

Hey James, thanks for the great links. I thought you might enjoy this, maybe not urban...but sustainable.