Friday, November 6, 2009

Voting vs Living

"As Christians, we are delusional if we think we can vote and elect the Kingdom into being. The Kingdom can only be lived into being."

~ Ron Cole from Jesus...his political disciplines
(After reading Ron's post I just couldn't resist adding a little twist to Fairey's Hope poster)


jshelley78 said...

Props. I like it!

James Kingsley said...

glad you like it - it was pretty fun to work on.

ron's writing/thoughts often gets the ol' creative juices flowing!

dlc said...

... capital "V" vintage JWDK. thx!

DP said...

Top marks, JK!

ron cole said...

Sweet job, James...Beauty of a great image, says it all with out the clutter of words. Clarity, gotta love it.

James Kingsley said...

thanks dp and dlc! glad you're diggin' it.

ron: hey man, it was your post that got the ol' photoshop rolling in the first place. i've definitely been enjoying your return to some more regular posting!