Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Story's take on Advent

If this isn't a great little introduction to kick off the Advent season, I don't know what is...

When the teenage girl missed her period, all the world could do was wait.

Advent is the season of active waiting for Christ’s arrival. We intentionally relive and remind ourselves so as to not forget. We bare ourselves to the good news of the coming arrival permitting it to re-order our lives and communities.

While there is an expectation for the culmination of prophesies and promises, at the same time there’s a raw humanity to it all: A teenage girl is expecting – morning sickness, cramps, unreasonable cravings. In her belly, a fetus develops in stages; In her belly she incubates hope. As Mary and Joseph sneak into Bethlehem under the stars, Jesus smuggles himself into humanity.

Amidst the busyness of the next few weeks, may our hearts and minds be in a place of expectancy for the one who has come to make all things new.

From The Story


Joe said...

need a wordsmith? i'm for hire... :)

James Kingsley said...

Yeah, preferably somebody who uses proper capitalization and refrains from employing emoticons.

I'm guessing Nathan wrote what I quoted above.