Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 Predictions for 2010

1. Local food markets will continue to gain in popularity
Even more fun, we'll see "mini-markets" start popping up in the nooks and crannies of university campuses, in church parking lots, and maybe even in a library or two...
(See this article on "Pocket Markets" for some inspiration)

2. The cutting edge falls off it
As technology and media continue to break new ground, the distance between "early adopters" and "the rest of us" will hit a point where it's no longer a matter of accent/dialect, but that of a whole new language – at which point we'll see early adopters throw back to tech that pre-dates the status-quo. Retro will have never worked so well.

3. Canadians won't vote
We'll have another minority parliament. Unless (pretty please) you vote "for," rather than "against."

4. You/we will blog less (often)

You might tweet more, and you'll probably have to stick around f-book if you don't want to be left out of the loop, but what will really keep you from the blog will be a renewed effort to make things count a bit more this year. Blog posts will be meatier, and as such we'll find more days passing between new ones...

5. I'll read the Saturday edition of the Globe and Mail while on vacation
There's nothing I enjoy better than being out of town on a Saturday for some reason or other and finding myself kicking back with a copy of Saturday's Globe & Mail.

On a larger scale, I think we'll see "slow-media" (ie. print) make a bit of a comeback; it'll be locally weighted and most likely published less often (see  #4), but for a generation raised on RSS who is starting to notice its Intellectually Obesity the traditional newspaper may just provide the balanced diet we need.

6. Micro relief and development gets funded by you
There's nothing new about small groups of people gathering together to make a difference in the world - whether at home or in some distant land.  What will be new is the ease with which we'll start being able to support the work done by complete strangers. "Philanthropy Shops" like will continue to grow in their use as the world continues to shrink.

7. Better late than Never
I'll post my predictions for 2010 nearly a full month into it. In doing so I will undermine your trust in my clairvoyance.

8. Diets die a slow death (pun intended for all you slow-foodies out there)
I just saw Micheal Pollan on Oprah (it was on the big screen at the gym, okay).  Here's a link to an overview of the episode.

9. It's that simple
Related to prediction #4, the pace of life will drive larger numbers of us to cut back on the multi-tasking, focus on one thing at a time, and make that "one-thing" as simple and true a thing as we can.

10. I'll post my favorite music of 2009 sometime in February 2010

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