Friday, April 23, 2010

Achtung Baby #1 in Spin's Books

Spin Magazine's Charles Aaron beautifully captures the spirit of one of my all-time favorite albums in this article heralding AchtungBaby as the most influential album of the past 25 years:

"Unlike Radiohead with OK Computer and Kid A, U2 took their post-industrial, trad-rock disillusionment not as a symbol of overall cultural malaise, but as a challenge to buck up and transcend. Their confessions of frailty and blindness amid murky atmospherics (no doubt egged on by coproducer Brian Eno) had an air of cleansing rather than whining. That the album trails off introspectively is brave in its own quiet way."

c/o King Bing


Michael Krahn said...

AKA "the last U2 album I really wanted to listen to more than once"

James Kingsley said...

dude...that's a shame. Zooropa had such a great "tone" to it and there were some real hidden gems on Pop (eg. last night on earth).

have you given NLOTH some time to simmer? i think it's easily one of their most well crafted start-to-finish offerings as of late.

The Renegade Librarian said...

Great article, eh?

I definitely think 'Zooropa' is a killer album and you and I are probably U2's two biggest fans of 'Pop' which I totally LOVE. NLOTH has continued to grow on me and I agree that it is an excellent album and very much underrated.