Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook purge/diet

The facebook purge/diet has begun.

The hope is to take the next two months and work toward a slim and trim pared down Facebook presence...so don't take it personal if you find that I've left a group you've started, "unliked" your band/community/cause, or failed to respond to your friend requests. Rest assured,  I still like you.

The thing is, there's just too much noise on fbook these days - rather than keeping me "in-the-loop," Facebook's endless flurry of updates, invitations, likes, unlikes, and new photos has left me spinning. And so, I've decided to turn the volume down.

I'm not sure if come July I'll leave my account active or not, but I am sure that by that time you'll be seeing much less activity from me via the network.  I've already left most my groups, shut down my wall (though you can't really "delete" it), ignored all outstanding group and event invitations, stopped importing my blog, and begun scaling back my actual "profile."

If anybody is even mildly interested in slimming down along with me, I'd encourage you to come along for the ride...

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