Friday, July 30, 2010

Y Change

I've been wanting to share the following two articles on Generation Y's tenacity for change for some time now; seems like the kids are doin' alright these days, and I'm inspired.

While both articles are related to "work," it fast becomes obvious that what is accomplished by/through "work" is about to change. And for the better too, I might add.


Tod Maffin on Generation Y's desire to drive change
"[Generation Y] want their time working for an employer to be much more than helping to pay “the man’s” mortgage, or that of some shareholders. And by “world,” it could be that they want to change their community, or they want to change how the office runs, or they want to volunteer for a company-supported charity. But they want to have some direct impact." Read more...


 Katya Andresen on why Gen Y is going to keep us on our toes

[Generation Y] need to feel a connection with an organization, and they want opportunities for deeper involvement, such as opportunities to work with leadership and to help craft direction for the organization. Plus, they want to know specifically how their gifts will benefit the organization’s constituents.” Read more...



Hear both sides full stereo
World full of pain got us waiting on a miracle
Waiting on the world to change
When we should wait on the world like a waiter
Serve the world man this world is strange
Bizarro, lovers of tomorrow to break under the weight of the wonder and the sorrow

~ Shad "Call Waiting"


The Y gets re-branded

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