Thursday, September 2, 2010

Missing the "Summer Beard" already.

I grew a "Summer Beard*" over these past few months. A few days ago I shaved it off, and started growing what I'm hoping will become my "Fall Beard."

The real trick will be convincing my wife to let me keep the "Spring Mustache."

*For the record, a Summer Beard does not make your face hotter. In fact, on those most humid of days, if you throw a little bit of water in your Summer Beard it actually keeps your face cooler. And now you know.


Cory said...

It is absolutely unacceptable that this post comes with no visual documentation. Absolutely. Unacceptable.

Perhaps the full impact of the visual documentation is being saved for the documentation of the "Spring Mustache". If that is the case, all will be forgiven.

James Kingsley said...

i'll have a look around to see if anybody caught any shots of my previously bearded self. it was pretty grizzly adams at times.

and next time there's a 'stache going on, you'll be the first to know my friend.