Sunday, December 26, 2010

A few pairs from 2010

While nowhere near and exhaustive list of my year's favorites, here's a few pairs to keep it interesting.

Mavis Staples (You Are Not Alone)
Wrote A Song for Everyone
CCR never sounded so soulful.

You Are Not Alone
One of Tweedy's best, performed by one of the world's best.

Shad (TSOL)
Rose Garden
Quite easily the song of the summer, this track shines just as bright the rest of the year.
Best line: "Rabbi said, don't trust them cash prizes / Same things that float your boat can capsize it"

Ya, I Get It
While the album's mix is as dirty as they come ( listen here), this mix by Oddisee is as smooth as they come. And you can thank a flute loop for that...
Best line: "The cats out the bag, the new Shad's out / Now they spell it S.H.A.D.D. the way I spaz out"


Gungor (Beautiful Things)
It's been a while since I've purchased an album of songs meant to be sung in church - and maybe the reason I loved this once so much is that it really was written to be sung just as easily in forests and wherever else one finds oneself.

Beautiful Things

The Earth is Yours

Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles (The Grand Bounce)
What can you say about Gord Downie that hasn't been said already after all these years? Here's two of the  best off his latest...

A-Side / The East Wind
B-Side / The Hard Canadian

Justin Rutledge (The Early Widows)
Be A Man
While the album version is all epic strings and a full-on gospel choir, this pared back performance is brings the song's raw-yet-restrained power to the forefront. 

Heart of a River
Gorgeous. And a great story behind the song to boot...

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