Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be Small, and Love Huge

Though it's a reflection from nearly two years ago, this gem of a paragraph - penned by friend Jordan Shaw as he started work in Vancouver's Downtown East Side  -  still resonates with me today.

It's a summary of advice from his mentor regarding the struggle to love and serve in the midst of chaos, despair, and the smallest seeds of hope.  At it's root is a simple reminder: let tomorrow worry about itself and get on with humbly loving those in front of you today.

Here's how Jordan put it:

"[My mentor's advice] can most easily be summed up in this thought: Be Small, and Love Huge.

What this has meant for me is giving up my long-term plans to Christ, and not worrying about what the future may hold, but instead focusing on the challenges and rewards of today. It also means that the biggest question that I should be asking on a day-to-day basis is this: 'How do I love this person (whether he or she be addicted, homeless, ill, etc) better?'

This change to local, short-term goals from massive, long-term planning was jarring at first, but I have quickly seen the benefit ..."

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