Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Renos

Late November and pretty much all of December found our weekends and evenings tied up with basement renovations as Hil and I worked hard to bring the house up to snuff energy-wise with new windows and new insulation. For an unfinished basement, that meant all the framing and plumbing and electrical needed to be roughed in beforehand.

And so we dove in.

After more contractors than we care to name dropped out, with the help of some great friends (professionals themselves) we made our deadline for the spray insulation and even managed to throw some drywall up before Hilary's family joined us for the holidays.

The extra space has served us well already and it's feeling great to make our main living area that much more roomy and conducive to chilling out. After spending two months with a basement's worth of furniture scattered throughout the house, the end of the work is more than welcomed.

That said, I've been stung by the drug of renovations and am seriously considering building a loft in our garage this summer....

1 comment:

James said...

The renovation drug is vicious, expensive, and addictive... be careful :) I say this only as a fellow user/abuser :)