Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's (Media) Diet Part 1: Inspiration/You are what you read

Next week I'll be starting a series of reflections on the increasing amount of digital culture many of us are ingesting these days. Specifically, I'll be sharing some of the changes I've made to my digital/information intake and the reasons behind such a shift in my electronic diet.

In an effort to give credit where credit is due, before I launch into things I figure I should point you to the source(s) of inspiration for many of these changes. The following list isn't exhaustive, but it's as good a place to start as any.

Of course, every good season of change comes with it's own soundtrack, and so I've also included a few tunes as well. Consider it my workout mix.

Enjoy. And stay tuned for more.

The Reading List

Michael Krahn on Intellectual Obesity
The article that started it all.

Kester Brewin on Information Obesity
If Krahn's article dealt with the message, Brewin here takes the medium to task...

James Shelley on Focus and the social media streams
James Shelley on Twitter and "following less" 
It's always nice when Shelley steps out and chronicles his first steps into any new venture. Here he breaks it down in a way that made it easier to start striking out on my own path.

Douglas Coupland's radically pessimistic look at the future
Expect the worst, hope for the best, and take heed when its Doug thinking out loud...

Mark Hurst's Bit Literacy
While I've adopted very few (if any) of Hurst's specific techniques in dealing with the technology that surrounds us, the way he approaches each of his solutions was so thorough and focused it's worth greater reflection.

CBC The Current's Death of Anticipation
I only caught a few minutes of this segment while driving into work on a snowy day over the holidays, but what I heard came at just the right time. Of course, I'm anticipating a listen to the show in it's entirety soon...

Minimal Mac / Zen Habits / Pack Light. Go Fast.
Though this triumvirate of simplicity-driven blogs covers a wide range of topics (Apple Computers, life, travel), their common thread of the search for "enough" never ceases to reward those looking for that extra nudge to work toward true satisfaction.

The Book of Ecclesiastes
There's nothing like studying a book which questions the meaning of everything to put things into perspective. Thanks to Pernell, Tim and everyone else who led myself and the rest of Hillside through a few chapters of the book back in early fall.

Hillside's Fall Retreat
Though not "reading" in a sense, our focus on fostering community around the dinner table at this year's fall retreat with Hillside Church was quite formative. Thanks to Pernell Goodyear for the program that day.


The Soundtrack

Ray LaMontagne's "New York City's Killing Me"
Justin Rutledge's "Heart of a River"
The Arcade Fire's "City With No Children"
Charlie Winston's "Generation Spent"

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