Friday, February 4, 2011

Douglas Coupland's "Digital Orca"

Following yesterday's post on the natural/digital divide I thought I'd post one of my favorite pieces from Douglas Coupland last year: Digital Orca.

From the plaque in front of it:

The 'Digital Orca' sculpture breaks down a three-dimensional Orca whale  into cubic pixels - making a familiar symbol of the West Coast become something unexpected and new. This use of natural imagery modified by technology bridges the past to the future. It speaks to the people and activities that created Vancouver's thriving harbour culture, while addressing the massive changes reshaping the BC economy. The sculpture's metal construction and lighting components evoke the daily moods of the harbour and the diversity of those who work there.

Douglas Coupland 2010

Photos c/o

There's quite a few more photo's here as well as an interesting little "making of" clip below.


Michael Krahn said...

Ah, I love Coupland. I've read so many of his novels. I re-read my favorite "GF in a Coma" last year.

Thanks for posting this.

James Kingsley said...

Yeah, the man is definitely a walking zeitgeist.