Friday, May 20, 2011

Ivan and Alyosha's "Fathers Be Kind"

As I tweeted earlier this evening, I've been enjoying the new 5 song EP ("Fathers Be Kind") from Seattle's Ivan and Alyosha.

Imagine Mumford and Sons crossed with Starflyer 59 and sprinkled with a little George Harrison and you'll get an idea of this quintet's sound; it's all layers of crystal clear harmonies, acoustic guitars and a fair amount of shakers.

The EP was being given away for free via over the last few weeks, however, I didn't get this blogged in time for you to take advantage of said deal. Nevertheless you can purchase it (in many forms) on their website or via iTunes.

The tune above, which closes their album (and apparently most of their shows these days) is a fitting ode to Johnny Cash in its playful way of consecrating all that we do - no matter how questionable it may seem from a distance...

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