Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cardon Copy

Around 2009, artist Cardon Webb attracted some great attention for his vigilante-like campaign on the visual clutter he found in his neigbhourhood.

Under the cover of broad daylight, Webb would scour the streets around him for hand-scrawled posters and flyers of the "Lost Cat" and "Apartment for Rent" variety. Once a suitable candidate was found, it was then removed, taken home, redesigned, and subsequently replaced.

Essentially, the project was an experiment in unrequested makeovers with a healthy dose visual redemption as it's driving force.

As you can see below, the redesigned pieces were often radical departures from their original manifestations, and the attention they have received continues to speak to the power of design in our culture.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out the rest Webb's redesigns.

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