Thursday, July 14, 2011

Changes/Mid-Summer Update

It's been a busy summer so far with lots of sun, travel, and the makings of some big changes for Hilary and I this fall on account of new "work" for both us; Hilary at Woodstock Collegiate Institute for 1st semester and myself joining the team at rTraction.

I put "work" in quotes as we're both stoked to be in employment situations that play to our strengths and passions and will find us working alongside colleagues who deeply care about the well-being of the community around us.

It was tough for Hilary to leave IDCI, but work in the TVDSB is scarce and we're just happy she'll be back there for 2nd semester.

Personally, it's been a rewarding two years with Teen Challenge, but the opportunity to get involved in the great work that rTraction has been producing (and inspiring around this city) was something I just couldn't pass up. I'm definitely looking forward to what the fall will bring there.

Of course, things at Hillside are hitting their summer stride with lots of energy and excitement (not to mention a huge party tonight) and I continue to enjoy serving there with Pernell, Jeff, Karen, and the rest of the crew. I'm also pretty stoked to announce that we'll be hosting this year's Ride for Refuge on October 1st with yours truly as the Event Director.

Regarding this blog in particular: I've got a growing collection of design-minded series that I'm looking forward to posting over the next few weeks. That said, they'll most likely be posted in between our highly-anticipated trip to Victoria, some more time at the beach, and a number of other welcome distractions I expect the summer to offer.

Stay cool.

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