Monday, December 19, 2011

Work and the blog for 2012

As is the case with most Decembers, I've been re-assessing how I want/hope to spend my time "next year."

With a big switch in full-time gigs from Teen Challenge to rtraction, the growth of my role at Hillside (which included a very busy fall with the Ride for Refuge), and a steady number of design contracts on the side, this past year found me "on-the-clock" more than anything else.

2011 also found me scaling back my time online – specifically as it relates to this blog (55 posts in 2011 vs 92 posts in 2010) and facebook (which I pretty much ignored completely). The blogging I miss, the lack of facebook I rarely even notice.

So what does this mean for 2012?

As per "work," I'm planning on turning down more freelance contracts than I accept and investing a larger portion of my time and energy with the inspirational teams I'm part of at rtraction and Hillside. Both these jobs are dream roles for me and I've no doubt 2012 will be just as satisfying as 2011 was in this regard.

As per the blog, I plan to continue to post what I want, when I want. I expect this will be with a bit more frequency, but the desire is to let it happen rather than try and make a discipline out of it. Being creative is the goal, and I'm fine (perhaps hoping) with that happening more often offline.

As per facebook: my vacation is indefinitely extended at this point.

Up next: What/how I hope to read in 2012..

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